Frequently Asked Questions

What is AwardProof?

AwardProof is a high level academic proofreading service provided by staff with many years of expertise and graduate qualifications in English for Academic Purposes, Business and Management and the Humanities.



What is proofreading?

If your first language is not English then you may make language errors in your documents. You may also be unused to the structure expected of academic writing in English, for example appropriacy of vocabulary, sentence, paragraph or assignment structure.

AwardProof will help you to check and amend the English language, grammar, coherence, flow and structure in your documents, ensuring that the standard of writing in them is that of a native speaker of English. We can proofread assessed presentations, assignments and dissertations, business reports, personal statements and job applications.




Am I allowed to use proofreading services?

Yes. All major UK and most international universities allow students to use proofreading services. Indeed, many university staff and tutors recommend that students for whom English is not their first language use a proofreader before submitting their work.