Pricing & Ordering


At AwardProof we keep pricing simple. We will initially check your document and, if it meets our criteria for selection, we will charge £20 per thousand words (see our list of services for details). Personal statements are charged a minimum price of £25 per thousand words.

If you require your work proofread at short notice, we may charge our express rate of £30 per thousand words.

If the work is not at an acceptable standard, then we retain the right to decline it (see our terms and conditions) or we may offer to complete the work at a higher rate.

Order and Payment method

We operate a simple order and payment process:

  1. Complete the Contact Us form and submit it with your work (a single MS Word document). Make sure you tell us the deadline by which the completed work must be returned to you.
  2. We will email you to confirm that we are able to proofread your work, and we will enclose an electronic invoice, payable via paypal or with a credit/debit card.
  3. Once your payment has been received, we will begin proofreading your work.
  4. When we have finished proofreading your work, we will email the completed document back to you.